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The development of specific granulations with foci of caseous necrosis leads to wall thickening, ulceration, aneurysm and perforation. With hematogenous generalization, miliary tubercles or their conglomerates in the form of sildenafil foci with caseosis may develop on the inner membrane. In rheumatism, in all layers of the aorta, foci of tissue disorganization are found with the sequential development of mucoid edema, fibrinoid swelling and the transition to granulomatosis and sclerosis. The connection with rheumatism sometimes found in the tunica media (tunica media) foci of accumulation of mucoid substances in the absence of elastic fibers and inflammatory reaction (media necrosis idiopathic bush, medionecrosis idiopathica cystica) is discussed.

In adult patients, the proliferative component predominates with the presence of rheumatic granulomas in the middle shell along the vasa vasorum (rheumatic mes-, periaortitis). With an exacerbation of the process, the phenomena of viagra are combined with acute tissue disorganization.

Syphilitic mesaortitis: a — changes in the inner lining of the ascending aorta; 6 - inflammatory infiltrates from plasma cells and lymphocytes in the middle and outer shells; atherosclerotic changes in the inner lining (staining with hematoxylineosin; × 80); (c) rupture of elastic fibers in areas of inflammatory infiltration (stained with orcein; × 80).


Symptoms of viagra pills online depend on the localization of the process.


There are syphilitic aortitis of the ascending aorta and syphilitic aortitis of the descending and abdominal aorta.


In syphilitic aortitis of the ascending aorta, it is customary to distinguish three anatomical and clinical variants.


The first is characterized by the predominance of signs of coronary insufficiency in the clinical picture and is associated with stenosis of the orifices of the coronary arteries, depending on the rate of development of coronary artery occlusion, as well as on the perfection of intercoronary anastomoses, this variant can clinically proceed differently.

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Clinical signs of sildenafil lesions are usually combined with symptoms of the underlying disease and in some cases are determined by it, since the localization, depth of damage to the walls and morphological features of aortitis, reflected in clinical manifestations, significantly depend on the etiology of the process, the ways the infection penetrates into the walls of the aorta in infectious aortitis and on the nature of the underlying disease in allergic aortitis. Syphilitic aortitis (synonym: Dele-Geller disease).


In some, relatively rare cases, the picture of coronary insufficiency is characterized by anginal pain, which is stopped by taking nitrates, the development of small- and large-focal cardiosclerosis and heart failure.

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